Interview with rider Bataleon Kostya Galatians

The other day we were able to catch Kostya Galata, the founder of Ride The Planet, the shops prorider Trial Activities boards Bataleon.

Kostya is the insane preparing for the exhibition project on their freeride trips Ride The Planet, solves a lot of issues, prepares displays and workshops. But, nevertheless, we were able to remove it from the Minister for a few minutes and ask tricky questions.


How to ride a snowboard (part 1)

Why is snowboarding? Skating technique is mastered in a few days, and the pleasure you get at once. Write off the costs bruises from falls (not without it). But the thrill of the drive is more than cover the pain and hurt


Snowboard Kit

You are already familiar with snowboarding? Then you probably are interested in a unique offering called snowboarding kit. The offer is becoming increasingly popular among athletes, and this is due, primarily, the composition of the set. The kit includes, as a rule, snowboard, boots and bindings, and the cost in this case, less than the total cost of components by 20%.


List of competitors on a snowboard Quiksilver New Star Invitational

Named of the riders who will participate in the Quiksilver New Star Invitational 3 * TTR on March 12. The prize fund of $ 10,000 tournament. Starts at 14.00.


Launched during qualifying for the Olympic Games 2014 in Snowboarding

On July 1, 2012 to January 19, 2014 will be selected for the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 in snowboarding.


Tests Rome snowboards 2013

Well, that reach us almost all the line of snowboards and bindings Rome SDS 2013, which means that now you can take something from the boards and crepe on the tests! Last year, we toured the city with several test boards Rome Sds Demo Tour.


Ski Resort Nevados de Chiyan, Chile

Greetings to all lovers of fresh Powder, all who are in that part of the world where it's summer and hot, all who are trying to replace the emotion of plowing white fluffy slopes other activities, whether it's surfing, veykobording, kite surfing and ... What are you still doing it in my spare time. Perhaps you remember me, maybe not, in any case we have with you Ecumenical connection that unites us in our world of deep emotions of reunion with nature and the enjoyment of its resources, whether water, earth or air.


How to choose a snowboard

So, winter is not far off. You are already looking forward to all kinds of fun in the winter? And what could be better than a trip to the mountains, skiing, or snowboarding? In our country, snowboarding is not as common as, for example, in Western Europe.


11-year-old boy Aspen Spora

Last year, all of us had seen the kid Aspen Spora, endearing adult figure. Over the past year, the boy grew up, has circulated the technique and style, and went to the X Games. His adventures in the vidos below:


Interview with Danny Kass

Despite his 29 years, Danny Kass has become a legend in snowboarding and part of its history.

Danny, introduce yourself and tell me how you got into snowboarding.
My name is Danny Kass, I am 29 years old and I come from New Jersey, USA. In the beginning I was skating on a skateboard, and when I turned twelve, I tried his hand at snowboarding. And at the very beginning I had a desire to participate in competitions. So I practiced a lot to quickly curl on itself. After the first serious competition, I appreciated even more in his desire. This passion has continued for over ten years.


Snowboards by Slash - new trend 2013

Gigi Ruf  in collaboration with the Nidecker snowboards snowboard collection released under its own brand Slash Snowboards.


Bukovel Sunny Days waiting for you!

The snow park Bukovel are the final preparations for Bukovel Sunny Days! The updated line of small jumps, bonk-place, pole jam, otsheyplennaya pro-line jumps, and a lot of everything else you expect from 18 to 24 March!


Ride The Planet: Lofoten Islands

Fourth season of the 2012 film Russian Freeride Project RideThePlanet. Filmed in April 2012 on the Lofoten archipelago, Norway.


Alex (Noah) Shulga: video report for the season

Noah Alexander Shulga shared with us his video report for last season - got perky. Locations: Drag, Bukovel, Austria, France and Switzerland.


Report from the Krasnaya Polyana

Re-reading the previous reports from Sochi, made sure that none of them I have not been able to ignore the topic of weather - except now he would not. Well, how else, if you have something to say? Naturally, the Olympic facilities, located in the coastal cluster, do not care what's going on out there outside the window, but the stadiums of the Mining Cluster (where we are, strictly speaking, are) dependent on the vagaries of nature very much. So, the last two days of snow on the Red Glade did not stop. All covered with snow so that the General Directorate of MOE in the Krasnodar Territory issued a warning about an emergency that, in the mountains in the Greater Sochi and road Adler - Krasnaya Polyana - Psluh avalanche. Over the past day has fallen more than half of deposits - are involved in the avalanche of full power, and the Olympic road clearing is almost non-stop.


One Run

One Run an online contest on Nitro. The main idea of ​​the contest - to show the usual skating, ordinary people. That's how you spend your time on the slopes with your friends. Show that you love about snowboarding.


Skatepark "Harbor" is opening

This weekend was held is very important and significant event for all extreme outdoor crops. Opened the largest skatepark under the name Harbour. It is located under the new Havana bridge.


A new teaser from Pigeye

If last season you saw vidos Snowjob, then you just remember these guys. They even had a season during which shooting video called Pigeye. We look forward to the teaser and the full video.


Dennis Leontiev - "dizzying" video from the U.S.

Dennis is in the ideal conditions for jibbing - High Cascade in the snowpark and Windells. There are good figures, and still a lot of snow. In the new video you will see an incredible number of rotations, from which may be dizzy, and a few tricks on the trampoline.

Released latest issue of the Boardsport Source journal

In the web appears a number of second largest European Journal of snow / skate / surf business - Boardsport Source. Foreign advertising at this time was less, and Russian content - more!

In addition to local news and market analysis you will find an article about the history of longbordinga and material about the specifics of the Russian contests with comments organizers of major skate / snow / Wake events. And in the category "Best Seller" at the end of the log regional stores pushed foreigners.