Skilehrerinnen Kalender 2013

The German ski instructors continue to release its annual calendar, designed to stir interest in the Alps and skiing.


How to buy a helmet

More and more snowboarders understand that the helmet is really necessary. Helmet fundamentally weakens the force of impact is attributable to his head in the fall.


How to choose a snowboard

Before you choose a snowboard, decide: what you need a board? Today, there are several types of snowboards:


ISF against FIS

Exhausting struggle for the best drivers, influential sponsors, attractive competition formats, airtime and championship titles. And the peak of this struggle – Pre-Olympic qualification.


New forms of snowboards – the trend of the season 2014

While surfers have long held an important plank to create a form, even a sacred craft, in snowboarding this view survives quite slow. Many riders last time you heard about some forms of geometry in school lessons. However, talk of a snowboard are becoming more commonplace. Slowly, the team of designers, athletes and engineers are creating a new generation of a wide variety of boards, from blunt-nosed park until December paudernyh cruisers with swallow-tails.


Top 10 snowboard parks in Europe

Instead translation pathos entry from the source, do a little analysis. Of the 10 parks of subjective rating of 4 found in France or paddling prepay review, or they are the most expert experts parks in Europe.

In second place is Austria with 3 parks, that is true about Mayrhofen told 2 times, so there’s cool.

Switzerland in third place with two parks, well, until the pile here is Norway, apparently to avoid being accused.

Freestylers of note: ssli look at the map, you'll find that most places zatusovalis in the French- Swiss zone, so that within a modest Evrotripa with start from Geneva to visit six of the top 10 parks in Europe.

Mayrhofen – Tyrol, Austria

Perhaps the best complex of parks in Austria. Mayrhofen is part of the extensive ski area and occupies top positions in the ranking snowboarders, allowing to do freeride, freestyle, visit Snoubombing Festival Park Burton and Vance Penken Park. Being only 43 miles from the pastoral Tyrol Innsbruck, this place is fascinating majestic mountains who call your board in the fight. Here kilometers and kilometers of slopes, and a lot of opportunities for snowboarders, especially now that Burton has built his snowpark.

Snowboarding is brought to the limit in Vance Penken Park Mayrhofen, with its 11 kickers, 2 pyramids, 34 figures for jibbing deserving, of course, a separate discussion. There's a zone of medium and advanced, fan- zone and for pro and children's safety zone.

Laax – Switzerland

In the Swiss Alps, you will find the Lax 4 snowpark, a huge halfpipe, fristaylnymi slopes and the academy freestyle. Lax suit everyone, from just embarked on the board before the Olympic champions, there will not remain indifferent to any visitor. The park has 7 cabins, 4 gondolas, chairlifts 7, 8 and drags 3 children's ski lift. The slopes are evenly distributed over the difficulty to easy, medium and advanced, and their total number is 60. Among the boarders Laax boasts a reputation as one of the best parks in Europe.
Laax is also located in one of the best places for practicing snowboarding even in the summer.

Les Deux Alpes – Venosc and Mont – de -Lans, France

Tucked away in the picturesque western France Les Deux Alpes resort this season for all riding styles, with its famous snow park, a wide selection of off- pistols opportunities and exciting glacier. This is one of the largest and friendly resorts in France. Here, a large number of kickers and rails, halfpipe and 2 kicker with a 24 -foot table. In the summer camps are held on a glacier with an eye to the freestylers.

Snouzona Avoriaz – Avoriaz, France

Avoriaz was the first park opened its arms and slopes towards snowboarders. Ever since the first boarder landed on its slopes, Avoriaz not cease to be a place for fun. The resort is located in the west of France, on the border with Switzerland, providing for miles freestyle. There's different types of terrain for every ability level, from easy slopes for fun zones to expert level with trees, rocks, pow. There are some inspiring areas, including the Ski Advenchurs, Chapelle snowpark and freestyle park. In the Freestyle Park can be found superpipe, Arere snowpark, Stash, mini Stash, a children's alley Burton and boardercross. There certainly is something to do, it will take a month if you intend to explore this place on weekends (oh if only).

Var / Risoul – From the Alps, France

Var / Risoul was also one of the first parks which have taken in boarders. Serflend snow park has been around for more than a decade, and, having gone through many renovations over the years, now supplemented rails for beginners and advanced jibbers. Snowpark has been selected as a training ground for the Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin, thanks to its versatility and challenge the figures. The resort believe that the concept of black, red and blue runs out of date, and are moving towards the creation of thematic areas, such as, for example, free-ride area.

Valpark – Val d'Isere, France

Valpark in Val d'Isere is known as a paradise for snowboarders. The city itself, not to mention the park, fully encourages snowboarding and snowboarders. On the mountain slopes there is no where prohibited skating snowboarders. The park is a large area with spines, kickers, boardercross and halfpipe. This allows a wide variety of snowboarders of all levels of riding abilities and enjoy skating. Valpark earned the highest rating of French snowboard association, and is regarded as one of the best snowboard parks around the world.

Hemsedal Park – Hemsedal, Norway

Thanks to stable and long katatelnomu season Hemsedal Park is also one of the best places for snowboarders. Mount able to accommodate twins halfpipe, big air, quarterpipe fanboksy and other snowboarding entertainment, which other parks are often overlooked. The mountain itself is more geared for snowboarding than others in the Nordic region due to less sloping areas. This allows snowboarders to enjoy the free ride on the mountain, as well as in special places for snowboarding. All this makes Hemsedal one of the best snowboarding spots.

Le Crozet – Val d'Hilliers, Switzerland

Le Crozet is a small cozy ski village, which offers some of the best conditions for snowboarding in Switzerland. Easy access to the Freeride makes it extremely interesting place for snowboarders of all levels of skiing. Perhaps the best slopes can be done under the lift Mosset – Suisse. From the top of head to turn around, go to the left, and you can rest against the slope just below the lift. The slope is wide enough at the top of steep for a set speed, with a couple of rocks for the mules. Rollout of descent right on track.

Vans Penken Park – Mayrhofen, Austria

On the sunny side of the mountain Penken the entire length of the slope stretches Vans Penken Park. There are several areas of the child to the level of a pro, and a vast area of ​​just for fun. The park has shapers and engineers who support the slopes in working order, and display new figures for the entire season, so the park is constantly changing. The slopes of the shapes into a view to the progressive snowboarding and free -skiing, and there is always a little more kickers than the usual park. Penken Park won the award for the "European Park of the Year" in 2010, and takes on its slopes snowboarding bezbashennyj Snoubombing Music Festival, an event that is simply not permissible to miss.

Hintertux – Zillertal, Austria

Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, Hintertux is located at the top of the valley, at the foot of the glacier of the same name. Hintertux has many advantages: first of all, thanks to the glacier, but other than that it's one of the best European ski resorts for summer with a stunning all-season park, the place also boasts a considerable amount of snow in the winter months. The expanses of freeride terrain provide excellent golf pow, not crowded morning crowds of skiers. In the summer of snow cover over the entire length runs more often than at many resorts in the winter. The slopes are always deserted, and riding in a T- norm here.


How to start a jibbing

Jibbing – has become today one of the most spectacular kinds of snowboard freestyle. And, of course, that many of the newcomers after watching the new snowboard movie, or seeing how some master "annealed" on the railing, also want to also not weak "chopped" on the railing, benches, slide boxes and "rainbows". This article is not designed for those who "want to make the type of backside 450 on stritovy kink in 15 steps", the material in the first place will be useful for those who want to try jibbing, and trying to understand – how and where to start, and I I think my stuff will help you understand some of the terms confusing for a beginner.