How to start a jibbing

Jibbing – has become today one of the most spectacular kinds of snowboard freestyle. And, of course, that many of the newcomers after watching the new snowboard movie, or seeing how some master "annealed" on the railing, also want to also not weak "chopped" on the railing, benches, slide boxes and "rainbows". This article is not designed for those who "want to make the type of backside 450 on stritovy kink in 15 steps", the material in the first place will be useful for those who want to try jibbing, and trying to understand – how and where to start, and I I think my stuff will help you understand some of the terms confusing for a beginner.

So, where to start? His eyes light up half an hour ago was viewed some new bourgeois snowboard film that not weak Finnish guys, tore part of the "crazy kink", and of course you also want to find a spot and a mega- hit all your friends Freaky trick here... stop! It is not necessary to hit all around him with his "grandiose" cleaning up, well, first because the more experienced jibbers it is associated with their cleanings, so admirable in their eyes, you will not see, and secondly all your first experience in the jib may be and the last! Remember! To grow up in a stylish and technical mastery jibbers, you have a lot and train hard, "sharpen" tricks, and do not forget about style, because style – the main component in the jib. I would also like to remind you that a good idea, surely learn to snowboard, and feel good about it. So where do you start? – Start with the allies, as many tricks in the jib (especially in the street jibbing) are satisfied with it. Olly will allow you more confidence to go for many tricks, from 50/50 and ending, some CAB270 to FS BOARDSLIDE. Energize ally with small bumps. And remember, you should do it easily and not napryazhno naprygalis... Well then let's continue. What is the first jib trick beginners learn to do jibbers – well, of course, 50/50! 50/50 for training this trick you can use any object, such as a low level benches (40-50 cm in height will be just right to start, and there is no limit to the width ranging from 30 cm and wider), or low – smooth slide Boxing snowboard park.

Do a little kicker in front of the bench ( just do not do check on the bench) in the 20-40 cm from it (remember the kicker does not have to be cool, make it longer and flatter, so he gently "throwing out" and did not hit in the leg while trying to jump on the bench), height kicker should be a little lower ( about an inch) than the actual bench, acceleration should not be too steep (otherwise you will be more difficult to control your speed.)

Choose a place and try to accelerate acceleration at kicker if chustvuesh that speed is not enough, then halt in front of the kicker and take overclock a little higher... and if chustvuesh that speed too big, then overclock just below, or see where all dispersed. Well, with a performance rate, the bench is... it's time to try the first jib trick. To be dispersed in a straight line, and do not try to steer on acceleration, it is necessary to call on the kicker on a flat board (or you can just download a little toe edge), the legs should be bent at a tension-free, and when the nose of the board will be "going out" with kickers, gently push down to the tail by making an ally, is to allow you to safely fly the gap kicker bench and be on the bench. Attention! If an ally is done correctly, the first bench touches the nose of the board, and then gently and all the rest of the board. You stay just to slide smoothly along the bench ( do not forget about your hands, they do not have to hang like vines, they have to give completeness to trick and help you keep the balance), and when the bench will end, again making a small ollie and gently touches down behind the bench. Your first jib trick done... And this is where many beginners ask – "And what the hell do I do an ollie on entering and gathering, if you can get a simple stop at the bench? "... And that's what – in the jib, as I said, Style is very important, and if not immediately train yourself skillfully and stylishly perform tricks, then it really tough to be weaned from the "square" ANTI- STYLE! And then, if you are accustom to do 50/50 with a stop with an ally, then later on the basis of this trick, you will be quite easy to make a more sophisticated and stylish trick – NOSEPRESS ( performed as well as 50/50, only the weight of the body is transferred to the front more foot and slip occurs on the nose board and tail of the board up)... "OK" – tell you – "and if I normally do 50/50, what I continue to try", to which I reply – "try NOSEPRESS on the same shop, the more you perform the technique is familiar... or BOARDSLIDE..." so we got up and bordslayda – usually second base trick in jibbing! Attention! I would like to note that almost all of the tricks in jibbing based on either 50/50 or the BOARSLIDE – and if you learn how to confidently do both of these tricks, you will further your progress by leaps and bounds boardslide Learn bordslayd better than a wooden bench ( as have the opportunity to "catch edge"), and a slide -box or a low railing. Again, at first it is necessary to go with the kicker, not to think – "how can this Perilla jump" and focus on how to correctly do the trick and stylish (it later when you become a real "Rail – car", then stritovye railings, you can already go with his mega-ally). Come on bordslayd can be different!

The first option when you "visits" on the rails or a slide-box "straight vlob" convenient option for snowboard park when the kicker is facing jib figure and allows you to "go" on her right, check-in takes place on a flat board. The second variant, when the jib figure, at the entrance to it is from Sauron's rear edge, and with the " approach " Perilla is transferred through nose of the board (the trick is called BOARDSLIDE) – This option is primarily used in street jibbing, and allows you to make very stylish bordslaydy. Check-in takes place at the rear edge with a little arc. Option three, when the jib figure, at the entrance to it is from the front edge, and when opening Perilla transferred via tail of the board (the trick is called LIPSLIDE) – another option for street jibbing. Check in is at the front edge with a little arc. Choose the option that you most pretty and comfortable... I would recommend, just look at the second option, as it will allow you to safely continue to try himself in a street without a "retraining", ie immediately produced stritovaya skating technique. So, we proceed to implement bordslayda. About the selection of the speed I'm not going to repeat again ( see the description of about 50/50), I will tell better about nuance bordslayda – very important in the study of this trick, how to hold a body – NOT NEED AN ACTION OF THIS TRICK BOTH HANDS PULLING AHEAD – FRONT HAND ON COURSE MOTION SHOULD BE when sliding forward and the rear behind, ie when sliding need to deploy only the hip, and the body and shoulders do not roll out! Learned? – Then you go... overclock on polurasslablennyh feet, that's the kicker, once board started out with him, gently pushes away from the tail, and legs pulled up, "come in" on the jib shape, unfold the board (due to the movement of the hips) across the course of the movement as soon as the railing was in the middle, gently touch it to the board (do not "hard to hit " go on the railing, because it says that you walk on hard feet, and you really will be hard to keep on the rails). Feet should be polurasslableny, so you can absorb the blow a little and feel full control. If the railing is tilted, then filed a body slightly forward, so as not to be filled up back. Well everything is going best – slide body is almost along the railing, the center of gravity evenly over the railing, his hands raised and allow you to keep a balance, legs bent at – all in style, with a cool cover of course... but it's time to go, as the railing ends gently pushes away from the railing, and by expanding the board back, landing back in your stance. Next, referring to snow, rolling out neatly on soft feet. Attention! If you do not get to go back to your rack, then it suggests that you casually read about nuance bordslayda! Because if you unfold the railing is not only hip and legs and the body across the movement, it is VERY difficult then back at the gathering, "curl ", and as a rule are riders and after landing a trick – with a board across the slope!... These classifications. Be of good cheer and to accustom to do everything at once stylish, even if it's not the most difficult trick because – it is better to make a stylish gimmick than a dozen curves!

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