New forms of snowboards – the trend of the season 2014

While surfers have long held an important plank to create a form, even a sacred craft, in snowboarding this view survives quite slow. Many riders last time you heard about some forms of geometry in school lessons. However, talk of a snowboard are becoming more commonplace. Slowly, the team of designers, athletes and engineers are creating a new generation of a wide variety of boards, from blunt-nosed park until December paudernyh cruisers with swallow-tails.

Testing of new forms during filming for the new catalog Salomon in Chile. Photo: Gagnon

«The interest in the original geometry of the snowboards are always present undercurrent in the industry», – explains co-founder of Venture Snowboards Clem Brenner (Klem Branner). – «Expanding horizons and try new things incorporated into the DNA of snowboarding». Recent evolutionary changes in the design of the form boards pushed to the forefront. «The world of classical, inverse and hybrid deflection opened the designers and engineers the opportunity to be more creative and look for new boundaries should look like snowboarding», – says Sean Tedorov (Sean Tedore), manager of marketing and development Capita.

Ultrafear and Black Snowboard of Death from Capita

Riders themselves help to develop the innovation. «Skiing conditions, terrain and style of athletes will continue to change and to respond to meet these changes, along with them to change shape and snowboard», – said Chris Cunningham (Chris Cunningham), director of the direction of boards and bindings Burton. – «Taste of the riders are getting harder and harder all their desire to have a shell that fits certain circumstances».

Creating such highly specialized snowboards requires careful selection of parameters. «Every aspect of design – from the cut to the deflection of flexibility to shape – plays an important role in the development of the best boards for the consumer», – explains Tedorov. – «I create a snowboard for a particular purpose. Thus the combination of technical and aesthetic sides and form an integrated whole».

Ventuse Euphoria Split

To bring new designs to life, brands are developing cooperation with the riders. Venture recently organized experimental unit Shape Shack, which will develop new forms of boards together with invited testers. Boards, which are obtained as a result of the work of this team will be produced and sold in limited quantities small. Brenner believes that the Shape Shack reflects the logical development of the company. «We are building most of our tools and machines, and from the very first day making boards from scratch, so we have always been able to create what we want», – he said. – «But now we can take into account the point of view of our riders, making the process of creating the board a little bit different». Among the new masterminds Venture – legendary freerider Johan Olofsson (Johan Olofsson), co-founder of Silverton Mountain Aaron Brill (Aaron Brill) and Silverton Mountain guide Skylar Holgate (Skylar Holgate). The resulting boards are just as unique as their creators. Powder Pig Olofsson, for example, is specially designed for virgin and has a mortgage only on the nose and tail – to attach the ropes.

Lisa Brenner of the new Venture Powder Pig Johan Olofsson.

Burton continues to strengthen the role of Craig's ( branch of the firm, located in Burlington and in which the prototypes) in inventing new designs. «We can experiment with anything, so the speed of implementation of innovation is high. In addition to new forms and technologies, we spend a lot of time perfecting the manufacturing process boards», - explains Cunningham. Craig's has become the place where she was born a series of freeride boards from Burton – Family Tree. The next year, it will include new models created in conjunction with such riders team Burton, as Terje (Terje Haakonsen), Kimmy Fasani (Kimmy Fasani) and John Jackson (John Jackson). Among the new products can be noted Cloudsplitter, charged «dovetail», designed for the deepest pow, and Fishcuit, board of virgin land with borrowed from Surf boards pads for riding without bindings.

Fishcuit and Cloudsplitter from Burton

Salomon will debut next year with Dirksen Collection – specialized line of snowboards, developed with the participation of Josh Dirksen (Josh Dirksen). The line comes from the legend of Salomon – Sick Stick, virgin Derby, Rancho and universal splitbord, uncomplicated called Split. «There's always a way to create a snowboard, sharpened by a certain relief or riding style», – explains Dirksen. – «A collection of boards that we have developed with Salomon, reflects this concept». Frank Zhyuven (Franck Juvin), line manager snowboards and bindings Salomon, said: «Since Josh is always available for development and testing ( when not riding in naslszhdaetsya the best places on the planet), the process was very easy to create».

Salomon Sickstick 156

On rails or in powder, these boards bring happiness to the wearer. Although these new forms will dominate the shelves boardshop, their dominance in the snow will be even more noticeable. Finally, as noted Dirksen, «the best snowboards do better days even better».

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